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Motion Control Products

GMB Associates are a UK manufacturer agent for Ameridrives International (formerly Zurn Industries) and Boston Gear. Set up to promote their range of Ameridrive Couplings and Boston Gear Motion Control Products, GMB Associates provide a full customer service and technical support facility here in the UK.

GMB Associates are a UK manufacturer agent for Ameridrives International (formerly Zurn Industries) and Boston Gear. Created to promote our very own range of Ameridrive Couplings and Boston Gear Motion Control Products. GMB Associates provide a full customer service and a technical support facility in the UK for all your Flex Coupling & Transmission Component needs.

GMB Associates allows you a one stop shop for all your coupling needs. We cater for Bibby, NutallBostonAmeridrive, Zurn and much more. This is to give our clients the flexibility & power to order exactly what they need in one place, for great prices. Our Bibby Turboflex gives you the reliable and safe power transmission whilst eradicating downtime & maximising efficiency. The power truly is in your hands. 

Motion Control Products


Our Motion Control Products

We are able to offer our customers a single source for all their motion controllers, each of our motion control products are market leaders in their own right. Our range of power transmission products / motion control products includes:

Centrifugal Clutches

In 1998, Boston Gear acquired the Centric Clutch Company. Since 1948, Centric Clutch has been manufacturing Centrifugal Clutches for a wide range of industries.

Capitalising on the need for a dependable and repeatable torque limiter, Centric produced the Trig-O-Matic Overload Release Clutch (Model F and Model S), the original single position, mechanical torque limiting device.

Centric revolutionised torque limiting technology with the VariTorque, the first single position pneumatic overload clutch and the four Model H Clutches (H1600, H1900, H2000 and PDC).

For more detailed information regarding our range of Centrifugal Clutches here at GMB Associates, please see our Centric Products.

Ameridrive Couplings

Ameridrives Couplings Products began manufacturing in 1928 as the Mechanical Drives Division of Zurn Industries. Through the years Coupling Products have pioneered many improvements to keep in step with changing technologies of power transmission equipment.

The basic gear coupling design was the stepping stone for the development of reliable and economical Amerigear Mill Spindles. Coupling Products introduced the Ameriflex non-lubricated diaphragm coupling in 1971 for the increased demands of high performance turbo machinery equipment.

For more detailed information regarding our range of Ameridrive Couplings here at GMB Associates, please see our Ameridrives.

Boston Gear Reducers

Started in 1877 as a machine shop making gear cutting machines, Boston Gear has led the growth of the power transmission industry for more than a century.

Boston Gear was the early pioneer in enclosed drives, a category it still dominates with dependable, high performance products like Worm, Helical and Bevel Gear Drives.

Our range of Boston Gear products include, Boston Gear Reducers, Boston Gear Shaft Accessories, Boston Bearings plus much more.

For more detailed information regarding our range of Boston Gears and our services, please see our main Boston Gear page.


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Application Industries

GMB Associates provide a large range of products to suit many different industries. From powerful transmission systems using our Ameridrive or Boston Gear solutions to our Nuttall Gear Drives for bespoke requirements, GMB is set up to help you no matter what industry you are in.

For more information please see our Industry page.


Please see our FAQ page for a variety of queries regarding our products and services at GMB Associates. If you have a question yourself then please Contact us.


For a list of all our Boston Gear, Centric, Nuttall Gear and Ameridrive products please see our GMB Associates Glossary.

Contact GMB Associates

Contact us today to discuss our range of motion control products and services, call us at +44 (0)1827 57561 or fill in our online enquiry form.