Trig-O-Matic Overload Clutches LOR Series

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Trig-O-Matic Lite Overload Clutches

Trig-O-Matic Overload Clutches LOR Series


  • Simple cost-effective design
  • Bi-directional operation
  • Single position reset
  • Reliable limit switch actuating plate
  • Easy torque adjustment
  • Maximum torque limit stop
  • Through shaft or end shaft mounting
  • Large bore capacity
  • Bored to size on request
  • Torq/Gard interchange

The LOR Series Trig-O-Matic Lite is an automatic reset, roller detent style clutch. It was designed to be cost-effective without sacrifice to accurate and dependable disconnect protection for mechanical equipment.

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Trig-O-Matic Lite Overload Clutches

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