H2000 Pneumatic Overload Clutches

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Model H Overload Clutches

H2000 Pneumatic Overload Clutches

The POR Series H2000 is a pneumatic, ball detent style overload release clutch. It has been designed to provide accurate and dependable torque disconnect protection for mechanical power transmission equipment. Torque is transmitted through the clutch in one of two paths.


  • “ln-Flight” torque control offers precise pneumatic torque control
  • Remotely adjustable for starting and overrunning loads
  • Bi-directional operation
  • Single position indexing
  • Automatic reset
  • Through-shaft design
  • Limit switch actuating mechanism
  • Clamp collar for secure mounting
  • Hardened parts for long clutch life
  • Internal needle roller thrust bearings
  • Lubrication fittings
  • Sealed from environmental contamination
  • Electroless nickel finish and stainless steel hardware for superior corrosion resistance
  • Interchanges HOR Series

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Model H Overload Clutches

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