Varitorque Pneumatic Overload Clutches

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Varitorque Pneumatic Overload Clutches

Varitorque Pneumatic Overload Clutches


  • “In Flight” torque control. Precise torque control adjustable for starting and overrunning loads
  • Single positioning for re-engagement at the exact cycle point at which it released
  • Torque accuracy within ±5%
  • Bi-directional operation
  • Electroless nickel finish
  • Six point drive engagement
  • Automatic disconnect
  • Deublin flange mounted air union
  • Automatic switch actuating plate for instantaneous remote detection of overload condition
  • Completely enclosed for “dirty” applications
  • Pressure lubrication
  • Positive split locking collar for secure shaft mounting
  • Operates on static air pressure (20-80 psi), no elaborate air systems required

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Varitorque Pneumatic Overload Clutches

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