H1900 Overload Clutches

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Model H Overload Clutches

H1900 Overload Clutches

Based on experience and customer demand, the WOR series H model 1900 clutch has been developed for use on water and waste water treatment applications.

The WOR series H Model 1900 is designed to eliminate costly equipment failure of flight and drag chain mechanisms in rectangular settlement tanks and can also be used to protect bar screens, grit collectors, screw conveyors and sludge handling equipment.

The WOR series H Model 1900 is a ball-detent style clutch which is designed to completely disengage the drive when an overload or obstruction occurs. When the cause of the overload has been removed, the clutch can be reset automatically by jogging the drive, or manually reset by simply pushing the stainless steel cover to its engaged position. Centric have designed the WOR series clutch to be fully adjustable through a wide torque range to meet the varying conditions of waste water treatment applications and have included a maximum torque limit stop to prevent adjustment beyond designed torque values.

Features of WOR series H Model 1900

  • Automatic or Manual Reset
  • Large Bore Capacity
  • Through Shaft or End Shaft Mounting
  • Accurate Torque Release
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • Electroless Nickel Plated
  • Operating Parts Are Hardened For Extended Life
  • Adaptable For All Drives

If your organisation is looking to eliminate those nuisance failures generally associated with shear pins and shear chains, consider the Centric WOR series H Model 1900, a dependable overload clutch developed specifically for the water & waste water treatment industry.

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Model H Overload Clutches

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