Zurn Amerigear Coupling

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Zurn Amerigear Coupling

Zurn Amerigear Coupling
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In contrast with ordinary gear tooth forms, the Zurn Amerigear Coupling Fully-Crowned Tooth represents the ultimate achievement in the art of gear tooth design, wherein all three working portions of the tooth are crowned. As a result, the teeth act much like a rocking chair, capable of sliding freely in the axial direction without digging or gouging the internal mating teeth.

Benefits of Zurn Amerigear Couplings

- Maximum loading capacity

- Minimum size

- Maximum reliability

- Transfers the torque of one shaft to the other, directly with constant velocity

- 1:1 Gear ratio internal to external gear pairing

- Accommodates to 3 degrees misalignment & parallel misalignment.

- High levels of torque allow higher speed and a higher capacity for misalignment

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