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Amerigear Mill Spindles

Gear type spindles have been universally accepted on all types of mill drives since their commercial development in the early 1950s. Amerigear Mill Spindles have now become a critical component of the drive train in many modern hot & cold rolling mill applications.

The modern, efficient gear type spindle requires less maintenance and is much more economical than its predecessors. Amerigear Mill Spindles provide constant angular velocity at misalignment angles, which ensures an even transmission of power. This results in uniform size and improved surface quality of rolled products. In addition, the inherent dynamic balance characteristics of the Amerigear Mill Spindle minimise vibration, thus increasing the operating life of bearings, gears and other components of the drive train.

There are four basic types of Amerigear Mill Spindle:

Amerigear Mill Spindles - VL Series
Our newest design, the VL Amerigear Mill Spindle is used on medium to heavy duty metal rolling main drives & auxiliary equipment. The VL Amerigear Mill Spindle is specifically designed to meet the needs of hot & cold rolling mill applications at a more economical cost than many of its competitors.

Amerigear Mill Spindles - SM Series
The SM series Amerigear Mill Spindle is custom designed & is used primarily on rolling mill drives ranging from heavy duty, hot reversing roughers to high speed cold mills. The SM Amerigear Mill Spindle is designed to accommodate high misalignment angles due to the constant change in material thickness, roll size & roll change requirements.

Amerigear Mill Spindles - SL & SF Series
The SL & SF Amerigear Mill Spindle are standard designs used mainly on auxiliary equipment.

The SL Amerigear Mill Spindles (Leveller Type) are used in medium torque, high misalignment applications where there is a requirement for frequent disconnection. Typical applications include levellers, uncoilers, side trimmers, tension & payoff reels, run-out tables, pinch rolls & scale breakers.

The SF Amerigear Mill Spindle (Flange Type) is used where there is a requirement for medium torque, high misalignment capacity but without the constraints of frequent disconnection. Typical applications include pinch rolls, tension bridles, continuous casting equipment, plastic & rubber calendars, paper mills, electrolytic cleaning, pickle & galvanizing lines.

For further information on the Amerigear Mill Spindles range please contact GMB Associates on +44 1827 57561.

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