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Boston Electrical Products

Gearbox Electrics

    Boston Gear - Electrical
  • Standard inverters and AC micro-controllers
  • DC drives
  • AC and DC motors
  • Clutches and brakes
  • Meters and tachs
  • White and stainless steel washdown

DC Motors
Ratiotrol DC motors have specific characteristics to match the controls with which they operate. Thus, it is not necessary that a motor and control be mated; any stock motor will operate with a stock control of suitable rating within a series.
Standard motors have a base speed of 1750 RPM and are stocked in ratings from 1/6 through 5 HP. Operating characteristics, reliability and durability are similar; PM motors do offer advantages such as smaller size, lower weight and the absence of field hum on critical applications. In addition, installation is simplified since only two armatures leads need be connected.

AC motors
Boston Gear AC motors are general purpose motors selected for use with Boston Gear Reductors and Flanged Reductors and are suitable for all common industrial applications.

Clutches And Brakes
Clutch and brake components for shaft-mounting provide flexible arrangements to satisfy almost any mechanical arrangement where power transmission capabilities are required.
The most common arrangement is the bearing-mounted split-shaft application used to couple two in-line shafts.
Clutches for through-mounting utilize bearing mounted sprockets or pulleys to drive parallelshafts.
Brakes are flanged mounted with the field held stationary on a machine member.
Clutch brakesare bearing-mounted for split-shaft coupling.

Washdown Products
Boston Gear has developed a wide range of power transmission products specifically for the food and beverage industry. Working with design and maintenance personnel we have designed certain mechanical, electrical and electronic products to meet their harsh washdown applications.

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